League Table and Report 2018-19

Welcome back!  The festivities are over and it’s a return to normal on Wednesday evenings as we complete our 2018/19 league games.  Fortunately virtually everyone appears to have survived the festive season without succumbing to illness or injury so let’s hope the health and well-being of our members continues for the remainder of our season.  The first series of games in 2019 brought no change to the top of the league table as Alex remains undefeated and whilst Bella continues to occupy the bottom spot that is only due to her shots differential after achieving her first win of this campaign.  Elsewhere there was not a lot of change overall with victories and defeats being fairly evenly spread.

Defending champion Alex continues to set the pace with his victim this week being Charlie.  After 3 ends the scores were level at 2 shots apiece but a gain of 2 to Alex in the next end saw him establish a narrow lead which he would not relinquish and he eventually prevailed by 6-3.  In her match against Ed Carol managed to build a lead of 4-1 after 4 ends but an immediate loss of 2 shots in the fifth end to narrow her cushion to 1 shot obviously spurred her rink to action and gains of 3 shots in each of the last 2 ends produced, on paper at least, a comfortable victory by 10-3 and a good boost to her shots differential.  Alan meanwhile was engaged in a somewhat topsy turvy battle with David.  The opening 2 ends went comfortably to David and whilst Alan managed to get on the board with 2 at the third end his situation did not look good at the next but somehow he escaped and instead of losing several shots actually levelled the game at 4 shots apiece.  Further gains brought a cushion of 3 playing the last end which fortunately for him proved just enough to secure victory by 7-6.  Having ended her pre-Christmas run pointless Bella was certainly looking for an improvement and the opening 2 ends offered encouragement but by the close of the fifth end Willie had levelled the scores at 4-4 and indeed he went ahead with a single at the penultimate end.  Would this be another defeat for Bella?  Not so, a gain of 2 shots in the last end brought that much desired victory by 6-5 and whilst she still holds on to that bottom place she at least now has some points on the board.  The final game involved current President Geoff and his immediate predecessor Alistair.  At the start of the night only shots difference separated them and by the end of the game there was absolutely no change!  In an apparently tactical game, at least in duration, Alistair’s early lead was gradually pulled back by Geoff as he managed to take a 1 shot lead into the final end only to see that fine margin extinguished when Alistair gained the requisite single shot to force a peel.  Honours shared but probably a game lost from Geoff’s point of view although Alistair may well think he too should have won!!

Week 4 next week – nearly the half way stage! – and again at 5.00pm.  Alex plays David (can Alex continue his winning run?); Carol takes on Alistair; Alan and Ed are in opposition; Geoff meets Willie; and Charlie plays Bella.  There is still a long way to go but it may not be long before we get to the interesting stage.  For the present however it remains close throughout the table. improvement.  As usual see this page next week to find out the latest twists and turns in the rinks’ fortunes.










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