League Table and Report 2019-20


Welcome back!  After all the festivities and the usual over-indulgences it’s a return to normal on Wednesday evenings as we complete our 2019/20 league games.  Fortunately everyone appears to have survived the festive season without succumbing to serious illness or injury although this evening did see a large number of reserves on the ice including one “outsider”, the Gangrels secretary Peter Galloway.  We appreciated Peter’s willing involvement and hopefully he enjoyed the game and our fellowship.  It was also good to welcome back Bill Black who had to miss the first half of the season due to injury.  The first series of games in 2020 saw the previously undefeated David, Ed and Carol all succumb to defeats whilst Alex and Alan managed to record their first victories leaving Willie pointless for the time being.  Ronnie and Neil enjoy healthy shots differentials but otherwise there is little between all the rinks.

Defending champion Carol saw her winning run brought to an end by Charlie.  Despite taking the opening end with a single shot Carol had to wait another 5 ends before adding to her score by which time Charlie had moved to 7-1 ahead.  In the end Charlie eased to a seemingly comfortable win by 8-3.  David played Ronnie and unfortunately with one rink member short was always at a disadvantage.  Although Ronnie built up a useful lead when winning the first 3 ends David responded well and as the game entered the last – and 8th – end he only trailed Ronnie by 1 shot.  The 3 shot penalty was always going to be difficult to overcome and with Ronnie gaining another 2 shots in the last end to finish 8-5 up the penalty addition meant actual victory by 11-5.   Willie meanwhile was enduring a difficult night in opposition to Neil.  The guesting Peter Galloway was certainly a very competent substitute and there was little Willie’s rink could do to stop the rot.  Eventually in the 6th end Willie managed to get on the scoreboard but after another 1 shot to Neil in the next end both skips decided enough was enough with the score 11-1 in Neil’s favour.  The remaining 2 games however were much closer affairs with both finishing at 6-5 and the winners in both cases earning their first points of this season’s league competition.  Alan opened encouragingly against Jim scoring 3 in the first end only for Jim to respond by winning the next 3 ends and take a 1 shot lead.  Scores of 2 and 1 to Alan gave him a 6-4 lead as they played the last end but with Jim having the final stone nothing was certain.  Jim lay 1 and after much deliberation very nearly played a perfect stone which could have brought a peal or even if fortune favoured him victory – but it was not to be and Alan was relieved to prevail by 6-5. The final game involved Alex and Ed and as already mentioned this too was a very close tussle.  It was nip and tuck but after 6 ends Alex held a 2 shot advantage only to see it promptly wiped out as Ed drew level and so they entered their 8th end tied at 5-5.  Honours would finally go to Alex as he scored the all- important shot to secure victory – his first this season – by 6-5.

Week 4 next week and again at 5.00pm.  Ronnie plays Ed; Carol takes on David; Neil and Charlie are in opposition; Willie meets Alan; and Alex plays Jim.  There is still a long way to go and for the present at least it remains close throughout the table.  As usual see this page next week to find out the latest twists and turns in the rinks’ fortunes.  An encouraging feature of this week’s games was that 3 managed 8 ends and another would have done likewise had hands not been shaken early.  Can we better that next week and everyone complete 8 ends?


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