League Table and Report 2019-20

Seven down – only 2 to go!   This week saw virtually no change throughout the table with only Neil and Alex swapping places.  Four of the top five played each other and those games were both peeled leaving Ronnie to take advantage and pick up 2 points from his game.  Once again unfortunately the gods – and stones – were not favourable to Willie who remains isolated at the foot of the table.

The first of those top of the table games involved Charlie and Ed and it was Ed who started better gaining 4 shots in the first 2 ends.  Then it was Charlie’s turn and 3 ends later the scores were tied at 4 shots apiece.  Next blood went to Ed with a 3 and perhaps thoughts of victory with only the last end to be played.  However leader Charlie was not finished and he too scored 3 in that end to peel the game 7-7 thus keeping his title chase on track.  The next game saw Carol and Alan in opposition and it too was close.  A gain of 3 shots to Alan however in end 4 provided a useful margin but with Carol scoring singles in the next 2 ends there was just the 1 shot separating them in the final end and as befitted the close earlier ends the game came down to the skips’ final stones.  Carol’s final draw lay shot with Alan adjacent.  There was a shot available to Alan but risky.  Pull it off and he would win; hit Carol’s on the wrong side and he would lose.  Discretion (or something) prevailed and with a half-hearted effort he left Carol with the requisite 1 shot to finish peels at 5-5.  Probably an equitable result.  With the other 4 skips holding their positions could Ronnie benefit with a win?  His opponent was Alex who has not been enjoying his best season but it was Alex who got on the scoreboard first with 3 shots in the opening end.  Thereafter it was essentially all Ronnie for the next 5 ends as he established a lead of 10-4.  Alex however did at least claim some sort of redemption scoring 3 shots in the last end thus putting a better gloss on the final score of 10-7 for Ronnie.  President David has had a mixed season with some good wins but also some heavy losses.  What would this evening bring against Willie?  3 shots in end 1 and a further 2 shots in end 3 helped David to a 5-2 lead after 4 ends but the 5th end proved significant – and disastrous for Willie.  A double take out by David brought a game-defining score of 6 shots and although Willie salvaged something from the game by taking the last 2 ends a final score of 11-4 for David meant yet another disappointing night for Willie in a game which apart from that one destructive end was closely fought.  The final game pitted Neil against Jim.  Unfortunately Neil was one rink member short so began with a 3 shot deficit and his woes continued as he found himself trailing by 6 shots after 4 ends.  Scores of 3 and then 1 in the following 2 ends at least brought the game closer with the deficit reduced to 2 but with Jim taking the last end with a single coupled with his additional 3 shots the night which began badly for Neil finished with a defeat by 11-5.

Two games remain.  There is NO curling next Wednesday with Round 8 scheduled for Wednesday 19 February and again at 5.00pm.   Charlie plays Jim; Carol meets Alex; Ronnie takes on Willie; Ed and David are in opposition; and Alan plays Neil.  Whilst Charlie, Carol and Ronnie are looking favourites to take the first 3 spots (but in what order?) nothing yet is certain and everything may come down to the last night of the league on 26 February.  The next series of games offers some interesting possibilities and once again for the outcome of those games and the effect on the table, watch this space.

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