League Table and Report 2017-18

Welcome back!  The festivities are over and it’s a return to normal on Wednesday evenings as we complete our 2017/18 league games.  From the Secretary’s point of view the festive season does not seem to have improved the health or well-being of our members with even more succumbing to illness or injury – so if you are likely to need a reserve in the coming weeks get your request in early!!  The first series of games in 2018 brought almost no change in the composition of the league table.  David and Alex remain undefeated as does Alan though he did peel one of his games.  At the other end of the table however Jim is on his own and pointless.

David’s rink is obviously firing on all cylinders.  Having ended his pre-Christmas run with a resounding 12-2 victory over Ed he has begun his 2018 games with another high scoring win, the victim on this occasion being the unfortunate Jim.  At least Jim would take some satisfaction out of winning the last 2 ends to at least get on the scoreboard but it was a comprehensive victory by 12-3 for David.  The second undefeated skip Alex was engaged however in a much closer tussle with Charlie.  Most ends were won by a single shot and although Alex had established a cushion of 3 shots entering the last end he required every one of them as Charlie picked up 2 shots and thus fell agonisingly short of a peeled game.  5-4 in favour of Alex.  The other undefeated skip Alan played Carol and was largely in control throughout the game despite at one point managing to fall and impede his own stone as he tried – quite unnecessarily as he was pointedly told by his sweepers – to offer sweeping assistance!  In the end however a 9-3 victory for Alan.  President Alistair has obviously made a good recovery from his hip operation a few months ago and he continues to progress well in this season’s league.  His latest opponent was Ed but with the exception of one end all the scoring favoured Alistair and a win by 7-2 ensured that he kept in touch with the other 3 rinks ahead of him.  The final game involved two rinks at the bottom end of the table.  Geoff was still looking to pick up his first points whilst Bella had at least 1 to her name.  Perhaps if it were a football game a draw might have been predicted and so it turned out but I suspect that Bella might have been the happier skip!  For all of the game Geoff was ahead and leading by 4 with 2 ends to play.  Bella gained a single in end 6 but, crucially, scored 3 in the last end to peel at 7-7.  Honours shared but probably a game lost from Geoff’s point of view.

Week 5 next week – and that will mean only 4 to go! – and again at 5.00pm.  David plays Charlie (can David continue his high scoring feats?); Alex takes on Carol; Alan and Geoff are in opposition; Alistair meets Jim; and Bella plays Ed.  There is still a long way to go but it is nearing the interesting stage where those at the top are seeking to maintain their positions in the prize-winning spots and possibly create a bit of a gap between them and the rest whilst those rinks near the bottom are desperate for some improvement.  What happens will be revealed next week.

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