The Club is steeped in history and here are a few extracts from “A brief History of Ayr and Alloway Curling Club.”. You can download the Brief History of over 150 years as a PDF.

The beginnings

The origins of the Club, which was originally named Ayr and Alloway Agricultural Curling Club, are relatively unknown due to the incomplete nature of records at the time.

However there are references in local curling records to the digging of a Curling Pond at Rozelle Estate in 1853 in the area between the existing ponds and the Slaphouse (or Curtecan) Burn.   [NBThe sides of the Pond and location of the sluice into the Burn can still be found in the wood which grew up on the site from the 1950’s onwards].


There are also references to the appointment in 1853 of Lady Jane Hamilton of Rozelle as Patroness of the Ayr and Alloway Agricultural Curling Club, which seems to have become active in 1854, long held to be its foundation year.

We have many fine trophies, donated over the years, with The Lady Jane Hamilton Medal being of considerable interest and indeed value.








old_men_300The Club has had many successes over the years, but perhaps its finest achievement was winning the Eglinton Jug in 1931 at Crossmyloof in Glasgow. They beat Dundonald, Muirkirk, Kilwinning Ashgrove, Kilmarnock Union and Kilmaurs before defeating Mauchline and Netherlee in the final by 18 shots to 4.
Pictured here are the proud winners: J W Carneigie, J F McGill, H F Smith and J Cameron

A Celebration Dinner in the Burns Monument Hotel that year was attended by 105 Curlers and on the same evening a Curlers Court was held. 40 of those present were admitted to the Brotherhood of the Broom





The start of indoor curlingold_curling

Curling continued sporadically as conditions allowed at Rozelle Pond through the years until 1949. At the AGM that year it was reluctantly agreed to leave Rozelle and make use of Indoor Ice at the new Rink at Beresford Terrace, Ayr, where many members were already becoming active with other clubs.

The young men like those who had brought such success to the Club after being fostered by it (and probably ensured its survival when other clubs had fallen by the wayside) would move to other clubs playing indoors. Thankfully, the members made the right decisions which allowed the Club to survive and prosper. From 1950 all Competitions took place indoors, and from that date activity within the Club increased.

In 1972 the Ice Rink at Beresford Terrace closed and subsequently in 1974 the Club moved to the new location at Tam’s Brig, Limekiln Road, Ayr. The only curling recorded in 1973 was at a week-end spent by members at North West Castle, Stranraer.

Outside curling in 2001barskelly1_300 barskelly4

In January 2001 a brief return was made to outdoor curling when 16 members were hurriedly rustled up to enjoy a gloriously sunny and crisp day up in the hills at Barskelly Farm near Crosshill. A great reminder of the sort of fun our ancestors must have enjoyed when the word went round that the ice was holding.


barskelly5_300barskelly1_300 barskelly7_300




Outside curling in 2010



In January 2010, four members enjoyed a friendly  outdoor match against Dalmellington CC at their invitation when the ice was solid up at Craigengillan estate – lets hope for more of these freezing winters!


craigengillan_3_300 craigengillan_4_300

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