Committee 2018/19





Geoff Barber, President

The following appointments were made at the AGM of the club, held on 7 March 2018, with Geoff receiving the badge of office from outgoing president, Alistair Tyre

President Geoff Barber
Vice President David Gray
Secretary Alan McKinlay
Treasurer Ronnie Wilson
Match Secretary Scott McAndrew
Committee Hazel Steele
Committee Maureen McVey
Committee Allan Chapman
Committee Paul Williams
Committee Carol Simpson



Secretary Alan McKinlay does a power of work for the club, especially pre-season, organising all the rinks and ice allocation.

And his weekly reports on each game are not to be missed!

Contact: Secy Alan McKinlay 01292 443600

Contact: Ayr Ice Rink 01292 263034

Contact: Ice Rink Caterers 07732 338581 Limekilns Caterers

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