Knockout Tables and Report 2017-18

It’s week 3, and for some beyond the half way point of the round robin stage – hard to believe! – but with the altered format again this season which means 2 rinks having a night off each week all is not even in the sections with some having played a game more than others.  All rinks within Section A remain with a chance of the High and Low Road semis, even Peter Kennedy who didn’t play this week but in Section B both Linda and David remain pointless.  Even without a game this week Rigmor retained her place at the top of Section B.

In Section A Ronnie conceded a single shot to Alan in the first end but the 4 shots he gained in end 3 gave him a cushion which he was able to maintain before eventually winning by 7-4.  The other game in this section pitched Peter Christy against Maureen.  Unfortunately Maureen had become the latest victim of the Ayr & Alloway illness/injury curse but in John MacLeod she had a worthy substitute at skip.  Indeed it was a delight to see John back on the ice again and hopefully this was the first of many outings.  From the outset Peter edged ahead but John was never far away and a score of 2 shots to John in the last end produced a peeled game at 4 shots each.

Section B had the only rink with a 100% record and although Rigmor had the evening off the others were unable to displace her.  Both games however were close affairs.  In the battle of the Scotts David opened well but Willie caught up and then moved ahead only for David to draw level again after 5 ends.  In end 6 however Willie scored 2 and whilst David won the last end it was only by a single shot, not quite enough, and thus Willie prevailed by 7-6 leaving David still looking for his first points in this round robin of games.  The other game pitted the also pointless Linda against Jean.  After a promising start Linda was looking as though she might just break her duck but Jean was not to be outdone and as with the Scotts’ game  it was level pegging after 5 ends.  At this point Jean’s rink played a very good 6th end deservedly picking up 3 shots and in the last end they also made life difficult for Linda to score the requisite shots for a peel far less a win.  A single to Linda was insufficient and Jean triumphed by 7-5.  Perhaps the upcoming break for David and Linda’s rinks might be just what is needed – certainly something is!

Next Wednesday there is NO curling – it is the week of the Eglinton Jug.  We resume on 25 October when Maureen plays Ronnie and Alan meets Peter Kennedy in Section A whilst in Section B Rigmor plays Willie and Linda and David do battle – a game which could determine the bottom spot in that Section!  Peter Christy and Jean get the night off.  Thereafter only one round remains so it is likely by then that the contestants for the High and Low Road semis, as well as the Saucer candidates, could be more obvious.

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