Knockout Tables and Report 2019/20

The semi finals are now over and it’s on to the Finals!

In the High Road Jean Thomson for the second year in a row and ably abetted on this occasion in an all ladies rink by Linda Wilson, Hazel Steele and Carol Simpson will be taking on Bella Kennedy whose rink also includes Liz Tait, Alicia Smith and Jim Nelson and since both Jean and Bella topped their sections in the pool games it is fitting that they have now both progressed to the final, a similar situation to last season’s finalists who were both pool winners.

The Low Road final will be contested by Alan Richmond (with rink members Sheila Campbell, Annette Paterson & Ronnie Wilson) and Peter Christy (aided by Alan Mitchell, Tricia McKeand & Charlie Steele).

In the High Road semi between Jean and Allan first blood went to Allan with a single shot at the opening end but that was the last and only shot Allan would score.  Thereafter all ends went to Jean with singles at each except the 6th end when she virtually ensured victory by picking up 3 shots and thereby a comfortable cushion of 6.  A further single shot gain in the final end merely consolidated that leading margin and gave her victory by 8-1.  The second semi-final pitted Bella against John.  Over the first 4 ends shots were traded equally but a gain of 3 shots to Bella in end 5 ultimately proved decisive.  Nevertheless only 1 shot separated the 2 rinks as they played the final end and with only Bella’s last stone to come John was lying the requisite 2 shots to give him victory.  As one should know the game is never over until the last stone has been played and Bella came up trumps to beat John’s 2 lying stones and pick up a single shot for herself.  Almost, but not quite for John but victory for Bella by 7-5 and the opportunity to challenge Jean in the High Road final.

The Low Road matches involved Alan, Paul, Peter and Bill.  The game between Alan and Paul swung one way and then the other in the first 4 ends but Alan managed to add 3 shots to his score in the next 2 ends and despite losing a single to Paul in the last end that margin proved to be sufficient and give him victory by 6-4.  The other game was between Peter and Bill although with Bill still on holiday and his deputy having to pull out at the last minute Shirley Scott took on the skip’s duties.  For much of the game it was a close contest with ends being won by just the 1 shot.  However Peter put in a telling finish with some well-played stones, especially by himself, and 2 shots in his favour at each of the last 2 ends brought a deserved win by 7-2.  It is probably fair to say that a few weeks ago neither Alan nor Peter could have envisaged their rinks getting to the Low Road final.  Peter suffered a humiliating loss in his second section game and in his final section game the situation for Alan was clear, win and he was in the Low Road, lose and he was out altogether.  How things can change!

Congratulations therefore to all finalists.  If you are available I’m sure they would all welcome your support so please come along as usual to the ice rink next Wednesday at 5 o’clock.



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