Regulars will know Secretary Alan writes an amusing report each week on the matches. For any new members you will find it under League Table

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Skip Jim Nelson reports:

The A&A rink of Jim Nelson, Alan McKinlay, Ken Gray and Geoff Barber were drawn against a strong Dundonald rink in the opening round.

In a very close encounter the match was peeled 6-6.  Unfortunately Dundonald carried the hammer into the 8th end and made good use of it!

The Dundonald team eventually lost to Galston 2  who went on to meet Galston 1 in the final – strength in depth.

Galston 1 will represent Ayr Curling Club in the Scottish finals at Forfar – good fortune guys.

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Province Medal 2

Charlie has already reported on his rink’s splendid performance in the Province Medal but for this competition each club enters two rinks and it is the combined score of both rinks which determines the overall result of the competition. The other A & A team ,which took to the ice first at 3.45pm, comprising Ken Gray, Ed Baines, Alan McKinlay and Alex Thomson (skip) was drawn to play against the Gangrels team of Jim Niblock, Peter Galloway, Robert Boyd and Ronnie Peat (skip).

A & A did not get off to the best of starts by losing 2 shots at the first end. However, they bounced back by taking 2 at the second end and followed that with another 2 at the third end. At the fourth end A & A were lying shot with Gangrels playing the last stone with which Ronnie Peat played an excellent draw to score 1. A & A had settled into a degree of consistency in their game and appeared to be in control at this stage. However, Gangrels clawed another shot back at end 5 to level the game. Ken, Ed and Alan all played text book shots at the 6th leaving skip Alex a relatively simple shot to score 1 to take a lead of one shot going into the last end against the hammer. The Gangrels team went into attack mode at the last end and by the time skips stones had to be played, Gangrels were lying 4 shots to the good. Alex missed his draw with his first stone and Ronnie Peat covered with another excellent guard. A & A had only one option and that was to draw for 2nd shot and leave Gangrels to draw another shot to win. Skip Alex made his draw for second shot but Ronnie Peat failed to make another shot and so the game ended as a draw.

It was a first class game of curling played in a very sporting manner and Alex was well supported by Ken, Ed and Alan who were excellent representatives for A & A Curling Club. The scene was then left to Charlie to produce a memorable win over Galston but unfortunately A & A’s combined shot differential of +3 was not good enough to win the trophy, which honour went to another of our members, John MacLeod – but in his capacity as a member of Dalmellington!! We can but bask in his reflected glory!

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Province Medal  13 Jan 2015 6.15pm

Skip Charlie reports on a tremendous victory

The Ayr and Alloway rink of Paul Williams (lead), Scott McAndrew (second), Alan Richmond (third) and Charlie Steele (skip) faced stiff opposition against a Galston rink led by Jim Boswell.

After a shaky start, AACC were 5-0 down by the third end.  However Charlie at last found his draw weight to pick up 2 at the fourth, and with excellent front end stones at the fifth, Galston were under more pressure and missed a take out. Charlie tucked his last stone half hidden behind a front guard, and Jim’s attempt at removing it glanced off and provided a steal of three.

The sixth end was nip and tuck with many stones in the house, and each player sitting on top of the previous stone. Galston picked up one with the last stone.

So to the final end, with AACC needing two to win. Paul played his take out immaculately, Scott had two perfect draws, Alan played two good stones leaving three AACC  stones counting but one opposition stone as shot. With Jim’s last stone guard overdrawing, Charlie had a hack weight take-out with his final stone. Alan was shouting loudly for sweeping as it passed the guard by a good 2mm, to remove the shot and lie four.

An excellent performance from AACC, with a 9-6 victory, proving we can compete with the best of them!

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Crystal Cue competition

The second playing of this competition took place on the evening of Thursday 11 December with 23 members participating (there having been one call-off due to illness).  As was the case last year everyone who took part enjoyed the challenge of using the cue, some with more obvious success than others!

Play was 2 x 3 end games with the team scoring the highest number of shots being declared the winner and the skip who was smiling most at the end of play was Sandy Gow, ably assisted by Neil Beattie, Alan Richmond and Sheila Campbell, with a score of 7 shots.  Runner up, on 6 shots, was the rink skipped by Wallace Allan and comprising Ronnie Wilson, Elma Stevenson and Helen Christie.  Perhaps next year Elma will improve that place and thereby get the opportunity to hold her own splendid trophy!

The evening concluded with some festive fare and liquid refreshment courtesy of the Club and the customary socialising for which our Club is well known.  This competition has proved to be a most enjoyable and fun event with its pre-Christmas timing perfect for its light hearted nature and hopefully next year we can look forward to an increase in the numbers taking part.

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Ross Low 2

Skip Alex reports on a very good match:

The Ayr and Alloway team of Shirley Scott, Jan Barber, Ed Baines and Alex Thomson were drawn against a Gangrels team of Jim Hendry, Robert Boyd, Ken Ross and Peter Galloway. It was a close encounter for the first couple of ends with single shots being taken by both teams. At the third end Ayr and Alloway picked up a 3 and were always in the driving seat thereafter. Our front end of Shirley and Jan played exceptionally well which made things much easier for Ed and skip Alex to finish off the job, not without one or two frights. We took single shots at the 4th, 5th and 6th ends with Gangrels taking a single at the 7th end making the overall result in favour of Ayr and Alloway by 7 – 2. A very good team effort which was greatly appreciated by skip Alex.

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Inter-club Match against the Country Club

Peter and Bella, members also of the Country Club, skipped out two rinks.  Our President, Peter, reports:

We had a very enjoyable evening made even better by having a meal afterwards. The results for the husband and wife team of skips could not have been more different. I had a good game against Jim Murdoch’s rink which pushed ahead with 3 single stones in the first 3 ends but we made up a little ground and went into the last end 5-4 down, but managed a 3 to win 7 –5.   Unfortunately Bella’s rink had one of those horrible nights going down 15 – 0. I gather the Country Club were all playing well.

Well worth repeating next year.

Ah well – that’s Peter making his own teas for a week!

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Scott McAndrew triumphs in Knockout

High Road winners - Ronnie, Anne, Alan and Scott

High Road winners – Ronnie, Anne, Alan and Scott

Scott’s rink look well pleased with their High Road victory, beating Linda Wilson’s rink 8 shots to 5 in a high quality final.

Read the full report and final standing on Knockout page

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Pairs Competition

The pairs competition was fought out during November by four pairs in a round robin followed by a final between the leading two pairs.   However the final game between the third and fourth teams was a grudge match and that added huge interest.

As ever in pairs it is essential to complete the first game of the evening timeously to prevent limiting the time available for the second.  Your match secretary had arranged for 5-end games with each player delivering three stones and the game must be completed before the end of the hour – if not the uncompleted end is void and the game is scored on the four completed ends.

In the first game (Alex and Sheila v Alan and David), Alan was leading by one point at the end of the fourth end.  In the fifth end Alex was way ahead and had an evident easy win overall – but they had been playing very slowly – fifth end void and a disgruntled Alex!

Alan and David went on to win the second game against David Gray and Elma – and after two games was the only rink with four points.  However in the third and final game of the round robin, despite leading Ronnie and Scott by a point after the fourth end, they managed to lose a three in the fifth and so were doomed to play with the “also rans” in the final game, Ronnie and Scott having made it to a final against David and Elma on shots up.

In an exciting final David Gray and Elma beat Ronnie and Scott by 5:2 and so triumphed in what had been a very enjoyable competition – except for the ending of that first round game between Alex and Alan!  Now Alex had an opportunity to show just how it should have been – and he did – big time.  Suffice it to say that a score card was  not produced and thankfully the match secretary is becoming forgetful these days and so the final score will remain a mystery.

Congratulations to David and Elma on their win and to all who took part.


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Skip Jim reports on a very sad occasion in the Ross Low competition

The final game in our section was against a Stair CC team led by Keith Martin.
A & A represented by Jim Nelson, Bella Kennedy and Anne Carruthers ( one player failed to appear) had a comfortable 11 – 1 win. All the team were in top form and were never under any pressure.
Regrettably, as this competition is played under RCCC rules, the game was void and the points were allocated to Stair.
This result allowed Stair to qualify from the group, on count back on ends. A & A’s final days tally was not included. We wish them good luck in the semi final.
As skip of the rink I will accept the blame for not contacting everyone involved in this game. Perhaps all members of our Club should check their match fixture card for the remaining matches of the season, just in case they are involved in an inter club competition.
Jim Nelson
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