Prizegiving and AGM 2016


Another very successful evening at the Abbotsford Hotel Ayr on 16 March 2016. Prizes were awarded as follows:


Jim Nelson – League Winners

League Winners:
Jim Nelson, Maureen McVey, Allan Chapman, Pat Macleod
League Runners-up
Charlie Steele, Peter Kennedy, Willie Scott / Paul Williams, Hazel Steele
League Third
Neil Beattie, Jean Thomson, Anne Carruthers, Jane Cherry
League Fourth
Carol Simpson, Alan Richmond, Shirley Scott, Harry Peters


David Scott – Knock-out Winners


Peter Christy – Low Road Winners

High Road Winners:
David Scott, Bill Aiken, Sandy Gow, Ed Baines
High Road Runners-up:
Linda Wilson, June Richmond, Murray Hutchison, Alan McKinlay
Low Road Winners:
Peter Christy, Muir Austin, John Wylie, John Macleod
Low Road Runners-up:
Jan Barber, Sheila Campbell, Lynne Bowman, Jim Nelson
Rozelle Saucer:
Camille Macdonald, Alex Eccles, Bill Black, Carol Simpson

Points- Geoff Barber

Points- Geoff Barber

Charlie Steele and Peter Reynolds

Geoff Barber

Crystal Cue:
Ed Baines, Charlie Steele, Shirley Scott, Helen Christie

Special Award
Jim Nelson was chosen by President Ronnie as the recipient of the Salver for outstanding service to the Club

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top_table  league_winners neil_anne_janeshirley_allan ed_sandymeeting june_presidented_cue charlie_pairsjune_pinning jim_salver


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Points competition 2015-16


On the evening of Wednesday 17 February 10 members participated in the Points competition. Using two sheets of ice the players split into two groups and completed 7 of the possible 10 disciplines. The scoring may not have been of the highest order – and there were certainly some frustrated members – but it is an event which tests one’s skills and showcases all our inadequacies!  At the same time it is fun.

As defending champion Geoff led off and his skill was evident from the outset. Obviously being the organiser too did not affect his play adversely and by the end of the night he had retained the Blairston Medal with 29 points, exactly the same number as last year, with Charlie in close pursuit 2 points adrift. Final scores (duly edited!!) were as follows:

Geoff Barber               29 points

Charlie Steele             27

David Gray                  24

Alan McKinlay           23

Ronnie Wilson            23

If you want to know the scores of the other 5 players you will have to ask them direct – or bribe the Match Secretary!

It was good to see Elma Stevenson playing points once again – and evidently enjoying it. She was one of only 5 people to score points at the “wick and curl in” discipline (which is very difficult) and one of only three to score a top mark of 2 points for it – notable for the cheer that went up when she did it! The winner even confessed to failing miserably at this discipline on both sheets! It was also a pleasure to see the evergreen and enthusiastic Wallace Allan taking part and whilst he was somewhat unhappy with his performance both he and Elma deserve special praise for participating. Hopefully next year more members will follow their example and give this competition a try.

In addition to thanking Geoff for his organisation of the competition we should also thank the two scorers, Jim Nelson and Alex Thomson. Perhaps the experience will have encouraged them to participate next year – or not!

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Match Secretary’s report 2015/16


Details of the matches and competition results have been reported on the club website. This report seeks only to provide a clearer view of the overall performance than can be easily gained from reading the website reports.

In rink selection certain constraints were followed :

1. that all club members who wish to take part should play at least one game;

2. that weaker players should be found roles in inter-club games where the competition is generally less extreme than in wider competition;

3. that our stronger players should not be asked to compete in an unreasonable number of games.

Of our 12 current skips, 11 offered to play in competitions. These were all asked to play in either 3 or 4 games in total, except for one of the 11 who had wished to restrict her games but was prevailed upon to take part in 2.  Club members are quite selective about the particular matches and particular competitions in which they are prepared to play and so selection of rinks, especially for the competitions is far from straightforward.

Overall the club rinks performed well in inter-club matches but quite poorly against much stronger opposition in the more serious competitions where we often find our rinks seriously outgunned.

Opening Bonspiel: v Dundonald loss 6 – 7

Eglinton jug:

Opening round: 1 win 14 -1, 1 loss 5 – 7

Round 2: v Dalry Union loss 5-4

Inter-Club matches:

Country Club – 2 wins combined score: 23 – 9

Auchincruive – 1 win, 1 peal combined score of 18 – 9

Gangrels – 2 wins combined score: 14 – 10

Overall – 5 wins, 1 peal.


Province KO – 2 losses, 6 – 7 and 5 -10

Ross Low Trophy – 1 peal and 2 losses

Waldie Griffiths – unable to field a rink

Rink Championship – round 1 – win, round 2 – loss, 3 – 11

Parish Trophy – loss 3 – 11

Province Medal – 2 losses, 6 – 7 and 5 – 10

Overall – 8 losses, 1 peal and 1 win

Indoor Grand Match:  (i) at Perth v Muthill win, 9 – 3

(ii)at Ayr v Abercorn win , 8 – 3

Pairs competition: once again only 4 pairs competed:

Charlie Steel & Peter Reynolds

David Gray and Paul Willams

Alan Richmond and Murray Hutchison

Geoff Barber and Elma Stevenson

The games were keenly competed and very enjoyable. In a well contested final Charlie and Peter triumphed over David and Paul.

Points competition: 10 members took part and played 7 disciplines. Winner Geoff Barber (29 points), runner-up Charlie Steele (27 points).

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Inter Club v The Gangrels


Two Ayr and Alloway Rinks played against the Gangrels in their annual inter-club match on Thursday 11 February. The A & A skips were David Gray and John MacLeod.  David writes as follows:

Whilst I have played in this fixture several times before I have always played for the Gangrels, my mother club, so it was a new experience to be skipping an Ayr and Alloway team, consisting of Alan McKinlay, Pat Macleod and Lynne Bowman.

My trepidation increased when I saw the strength of both Gangrels teams. I will let John MacLeod the other A&ACC skip tell his own story. Our opposition was skipped by their current President Francis McCrossan, assisted by a team of Robert Boyd, Bob Cherry and Jim Loch. When we lost a four at the first end I thought we were in for an uncomfortable if not embarrassing night. However I am pleased to report that we responded by winning the next two ends to draw level. We then managed to continue the momentum by also winning the following two ends and although the last two ends were shared we were able to secure an overall win by 7 shots to 5. A most enjoyable game and very satisfying to win! Well done team.

John has reported thus:  The A&A Rink of John MacLeod (skip), Rigmor McAndrew, Alan McHarg and Elma Stevenson met the Gangrels team of Bob Charters (skip), Ronnie Peat, Peter Galloway and Ken Ross. The Gangrels made a good start with a 2 at the first end. In the second end we got 4 shots followed by a single in the next end. The Gangrels fought their way back by taking single shots at the next three ends to equal the score at 5 shots each. In the final end we managed to get 2 shots to win what was a very close and enjoyable match. The final score was 7 shots to 5 shots for Ayr and Alloway, a similar result to that achieved by David. Our team played very well against a good Gangrels side.

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Rinks Championship 2016 – Semi Final


Skip Neil reports:

The four rinks that competed in the Semi Finals of this year’s Rinks Championship on Monday 18th January were Dundonald, Galston 1, Galston 2 and Ayr & Alloway.

The Ayr & Alloway rink of Neil Beattie (Skip), Alan Richmond, Geoff Barber and David Scott met the Galston 2 rink of Robert Anderson, Alan Forrest, Lorraine Shaw and Alison Cunningham. The Galston team simply outplayed our Ayr & Alloway team in all departments. We managed to take 3 shots at one end but the other ends demonstrated the faultless play of Galston, We eventually shook hands after 7 ends with the score at 11 – 3 in Galston’s favour. We thought it unlikely that we would take an 8 from them in the last end!

The game was played in a good spirit and the post-match convivialities were enjoyed by all participants.

Galston 2, who have already represented Ayr 3 times in the National Finals in Forfar, played Dundonald in the final and lost, but will still go on to the Forfar Finals.

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Ross Lowe Trophy


Skip Milly reports:

The first game of the Ross Low Trophy was played on 1/10/15.  Milly Beattie skipped Ayr & Alloway’s rink against the Gangrels, with Charlie Steele, Jim Nelson and Ken Gray.

It was a close game all the way.  We went in to the final end one shot down, but without the hammer.

After I played my last stone, we were lying 4 shots and guarded, but the Gangrels skip managed to move one of their outside stones in for second shot, so the final result was a peal.

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Ayrshire province medal competition


Two Ayr and Alloway teams contested this competition that is decided on cumulative shot difference. Skip Geoff reports on the first game:

Game against a Dalmellington rink skipped by Margaret White: Bella, Ed, Charlie and Geoff lost the toss and a 2 in the first end but came back to even the score in the second.

After that a series of small adverse rubs resulted in Dalmellington reaching the sixth end with a score of 7 – 2. (The truth is that we were playing badly!). However in the seventh and final end excellent stones from our font end resulted in Charlie and Geoff facing a close with stones lying shot, T-high, on opposing edges of the head and a clear centre. Geoff’s final stone was a straightforward hit and lie, well managed by Charlie and the sweepers to take a 4 and make a final score of 7-6 to Dalmellington – as Charlie remarked “it’s not often that you see the losing rink dancing off clicking their heels! Despite the final score in this game, Dalmellington won the medal with the very low cumulative shot difference of 5.

Skip Ronnie reports on the second game:

Game against a Stewarton rink skipped by Douglas Reid:

The Club’s second game in the competition was held on Tuesday 12 January following the game earlier in the evening skipped by Geoff.

The rink, consisting of Ronnie Wilson, Neil Beattie, Alan Richmond and Ken Gray, drew perhaps the shortest straw to play against Stewarton Heather. Their skip was the “well kent” Douglas Reid supported by a rink of what appeared to be a rink of regular players.

The Ayr and Alloway rink started in strong and convincing form winning the first three ends however Douglas’s team then found their form and won the fourth end with a two. A&A then won the fifth but thereafter Stewarton took control winning the last three ends convincingly resulting in a win for them with a score of 10-5. As is often said the score did not really reflect the quality of game played for both parties – indeed the final stone for A&A turned out to be a good one in that it prevented Stewarton getting the vital combined score they might have otherwise achieved after their last stone which would have enabled them to win the overall competition – so “job accomplished” in that department!

The matches were played with good humour and sportsmanship and enjoyed by all.

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Cue competition 2015


Cue winners 2015Wednesday 16 December saw the third playing of this fun competition with the prize for the winning rink the beautiful crystal trophy donated by Elma Stevenson.  On the night 24 members participated, some regular exponents of the cue – and therefore supposedly proficient!! – and others for whom this was their first, but perhaps not last, attempt with it. Continue reading

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Pairs Competition 2015


20151209_190945[1]8 members registered for the pairs competition this year – a disappointingly low number, but sufficient for 4 pairs to compete.  The competition took the form of a round robin of three games followed by a final.  With the exception of the final, which was 5 ends or the bell, each game was allowed one hour and only the results from completed ends were considered.  The players each delivered three stones per end. Continue reading

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Skips Neil and John report on their match against Auchincruive


Rink 1 – John Macleod ( skipped for Peter Kennedy ) Maureen McVey 3rd,Peter Christy 2nd and John Beaton lead.   Auchincruive turned up with only 3 players but had a very good start by taking 3 shots in the first end.   In the 2nd end we got 2 shots back to reduce the deficit.   Auchincruive fought back and gained a single shot in the 3rd end to regain a 3 shot advantage.   However, Ayr & Alloway took the next 4 ends bringing the final score of 13 to 4.   Our team played very well on keen ice and no lucky rubs for the Auchincruive rink. Continue reading

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