Ayr and Alloway Curling Club

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Eglinton Jug

Ayr and Alloway’s rink for the Jug. Come along and see the top curlers in Ayrshire 18 to 21 Oct 2016.

Final is on Friday evening, 21 October.

Latest News

Eglinton Jug 19 Oct 2016

Charlie Steele led his team of Ronnie Wilson, John Macleod and Willie Scott into the first round of the most important competition of the year...
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Province KO: Ayr and Alloway v Fairywell

Sunday 2nd October 2016 at 7.00pm Alistair Tyre drew the short straw and was selected to skip a match that eventually turned out to be set for...
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Opening Game 28 Sept 2016

The season started with the Knockout competition, however with the number of rinks being reduced to 10 this year, the two sections in the...
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Ayr and Alloway Curling Club was founded in 1854 and with its present-day mixed membership it is one of the largest clubs playing at Ayr Ice Rink.

The Club has 40 Playing members (an even mixture of men and  women) who comprise the 10 teams which contest the League and Knock-out competitions throughout the season.

Wallace Allan

Wallace Allan is still very competitive

The playing members are supported by a good pool of Playing Reserves.  Most of the active reserves can be assured of many games throughout the season, being in demand when regular players are unavailable through holidays, illness etc. We are still very keen to recruit new members. Contact the secretary for details.

The Club meets at Ayr Ice Rink, Limekiln Road, Ayr with all ten rinks taking five sheets of ice every Wednesday at the same time, usually at 5.00pm.  As a result of this scheduling it means that members can enjoy and generate a good club atmosphere before, during and especially after every keenly contested game thereby enhancing the very sociable and friendly reputation of the Club.  When playing at the 5.00 pm session several members will thereafter enjoy a meal provided by the Ice Rink caterers.

Opening game 28 Sept 2016


Last Season’s League winners

Jim Nelson's rink won the League in 2015/16

Jim Nelson’s rink won the League in 2015/16

Upcoming Matches


When: Wed October 26 17:00 - 20:00


When: Wed November 2 17:00 - 20:00

Knockout Semi

When: Wed November 9 17:00 - 20:00

Match v Country Club

When: Tue November 15 18:00 - 21:00

Knockout Fnals

When: Wed November 16 17:00 - 20:00


When: Thu November 17 17:00 - 21:00
Full list of Events

Knockout Competition

We start with the Knockout which finishes on 16 Nov 2016.

Rink 1                              Rink 6
Alan Richmomd              Linda Wilson
Shirley Scott                    Muir AUstin
Bill Black                         Allan Chapman
Ronnie Wilson                David Gray

Rink 2                             Rink 7
Jean Thomson               Rigmor McAndrew
Alan McHarg                  Bill Aitken
Jane Cherry                    Annette Paterson
Jim Nelson                      Ed Baines

Rink 3                              Rink 8
David Scott                     Peter Christy
Jan Barber                      Murray Hutchison
Sandy Gow                     Lynne Bowman
John MclEaod                 Geoff Barber

Rink 4                             Rink 9
Camille Macdonald      Wilie Scott
Sheila Campbell            Anne Carruthers
June Richmond             Harry Peters
Alan McKinlay               Bella Kennedy

Rink 5                             Rink 10
Maureen McVey            Peter Kennedy
Ken Gray                         Elma Stevenson
Dorothry Dawson          Paul Williams
Alisatir Tyre                    Charlie Steele

Contact: Secy Alan McKinlay 01292 443600 alan.mckinlay@dsl.pipex.com

Contact: Ayr Ice Rink 01292 263034 ayrshirecurlers@btconnect.com
Contact: Ice Rink Caterers 07732 338581 Passion Caterers