Ed celebrating his win. And Alistair just celebrating!

On Wednesday 11 December the Cub held its annual Cue Competition, the prize for the winning rink being the crystal trophy generously donated a few years ago by one of our regular cue exponents, Elma Stevenson.  This year we had the best turnout since the competition began with 32 participants, a mixture of regular cue users, once a year users and complete novices and as in past years everyone appeared to have an enjoyable – and interesting – time.  Indeed there were even signs from one or two members that they could be switching to the cue sooner than later judging by the improvement in their games although perhaps that might have been due to the practice ice allowed this year prior to the start of the competition!

Each rink played 2 games of 3 ends and the team with the highest shots scored would be declared the winner.  On the night 2 rinks finished 8 shots up which meant the skips of the tied rinks being required to draw a single shot to the head obviously still using a cue with the shot nearest the button being deemed the winner.  All eyes therefore turned to watch Ed Baines and Ken Gray.  Their first 2 attempts fell short but Ed then played the perfect stone right to the button and unfortunately Ken couldn’t match it.

The winning draw from Ed, as umpire Alex prepares to measure it

Congratulations therefore to the winning rink of Ed Baines, Peter Reynolds, Jim Nelson and Ronnie Wilson and commiserations to the rink which came so close, Ken Gray, Alan Mitchell, Gordon Todd and David Gray.

Has Pres David fallen asleep on the job? And Sandy still enjoys a tipple!

Once again many participants entered into spirit of Christmas with an assortment of Christmas jumpers, Santa hats, antlers and flashing earrings – but no prizes, yet, for this feature of the evening.  As usual some festive fare and drink courtesy of the club followed the curling and it was a delight to have in attendance 5 of our long-standing, but now non-playing, members, including honorary member Graham Boyd.

Smart outfit Linda!

The evening continued with a festive quiz compiled by Vice-President Hazel Steele and an entertaining poem superbly rendered by Linda Wilson before President David Gray brought proceedings to a close by expressing best wishes to everyone for Christmas and the New Year.

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