The Cue Competition was played on Wednesday 12 December and 24 members participated, a mixture of regular cue users, once a year users and complete novices!  As ever all who played appeared to have fun and enjoy the experience.  Indeed with our club’s increasing age profile it probably also afforded the participants a glimpse of what their curling future might resemble!  Each rink played 2 games of 3 ends and the team with the highest shots scored was declared the winner which on this occasion turned out to be Wallace Allan with Ken Gray, Peter Reynolds and Sheila McDougall with a score of 8 shots.  In close second 1 shot adrift was the rink consisting of Geoff Barber, Ed Baines, Murray Hutchison and Shirley Scott.  As a late sub for the injured Secretary (who would probably not have fared nearly as well) Wallace was doubly pleased, firstly to get a game and then, of course, to win the crystal trophy.

It should also be said that many of the participants had entered into the Christmas spirit with a fine array of Christmas jumpers, Santa hats, antlers and tinsel, indeed so much so that perhaps there should have been a prize for the best – or worst! – dressed.

The evening concluded with some festive fare and drink courtesy of the club and it was also a delight to have in attendance 9 of our long-standing, but now non-playing, members, including honorary member Graham Boyd.  An impromptu recitation of the Christmas Fairy given superbly by a suitably attired Linda Wilson rounded off a most enjoyable evening.

PS  Apologies from the Secretary for the absence of an accompanying photo of the winning rink.  Brain obviously stiil muddled!!

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