After an initial mix up on dates (ice rink error) last week when both rinks turned up to play only to be sent home without a stone being thrown the game was rescheduled for the evening of Tuesday 27 November but perhaps for Ayr and Alloway it might have been better if they had simply stayed at home!  The rink skipped by Geoff Barber and including David Gray, Alan McKinlay and Jim Nelson had a distinctly off night and were well beaten by a Gangrels rink comprising Jimmy Begg (skip), Ernest Mutter, Ken Ross and Peter Galloway.  Suffice to say that by winning only one end (and that by just a single shot) it was no surprise that everyone got home early – not an unwelcome outcome in that respect after an 8.45pm start!  At least we don’t have to appear for the next round on Sunday evening at 7 o’clock but best wishes were expressed to the Gangrels rink for their next round match against Tarbolton.  For us there is always next year!

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