The Ayr and Alloway rink of Allan Chapman, Charlie Steele, Ronnie Wilson and Skip Neil Beattie faced Dundonald, previous winners of the competition. Dundonald’s rink was skipped by Jim Miller with Bobby Gauld, Morag Evans and George Plews.

In a nip and tuck game A and A managed to take 2’s at the first 2 ends to which Dundonald replied with a 4 in the 3rd end. A close game followed with Dundonald scoring  a 1 in the 8th end to peal the match. Consequently a 9th end was required to settle the match. After excellent play by A and A’s front end Skip Neil managed to close the end out with a 2 to win the match 9-7. Sorn await in the next round!!

On 12 November, a different rink was selected, as Neil and Ronnie were unavailable. Or maybe they didn’t fancy Sorn….
Anyway, Charlie Steele skipped with Geoff Barber, Alistair Tyre and Allan Chapman against a strong Sorn rink of David Bell, Mark Pieroni, Murray Stevenson and Matt Brown. The keen ice fooled A&A at the first end, and a three was lost. Another two at the second and one at the third, had A&A 0-6 down. However undaunted, they took a one, and after a poor fifth end scored another two, but without last stone lost two at the seventh, going down 3-12.

Lots of good shots from A&A’s men, but they agreed the difference in sweeping technique and knowing when to sweep gave Sorn a big advantage. Always a good learning experience against strong opposition. Good luck to Sorn in the final, and indeed in the Scottish Finals at Forfar in March 2019, where two rinks from Ayr will be playing, Stewarton Heather being the other qualifier.

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