On Thursday 1 November the Club played its annual game with the Country Club and as usual it was a most convivial encounter.  The two A & A rinks comprised John MacLeod (skip) with Linda Wilson, Alan McHarg and Sheila McDougall in support and Ronnie Wilson (skip) ably assisted by Alan Richmond, Alan McKinlay and Ken Gray.  The opposing rinks were skipped by Lorna Alexander (with Ed Baines as third) and another of our own, Bella Kennedy.

From the outset John was in trouble against Lorna and was always fighting a rearguard action.  At one point it looked as though a comeback might be possible but it was quickly extinguished and Lorna ran out a comfortable winner by 11-4.  On the adjoining sheet each club’s fortunes were reversed.  Ronnie opened the scoring against Bella with 3 shots at the first end and whilst all the remaining ends were won by single shot margins only one went to Bella, the final score being 8-1 in Ronnie’s favour.  Overall therefore it was honours even with both games finishing with 7 shot victories.  A fitting conclusion to what has become a most enjoyable and friendly fixture.

This year, instead of the normal evening ice with supper to follow, the game was played at 2.30pm and tea/coffee and scones were greatly enjoyed afterwards by all players.  Indeed this format met with general approval and is certainly worth consideration when arranging next year’s match..

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