Once again 2 Ayr and Alloway rinks participated in the Eglinton Jug which began on 17 October.  Unfortunately that is when their participation also ended!

A & A1 comprised Alex Thomson (skip), Jim Nelson, Willie Scott and Alan McHarg.  Against Dundonald 2 they got off to a very poor start losing 4 shots at the first end and a single in end 2.  Thereafter they were always chasing the game.  However by end 4 they had pulled back to 3-5 but promptly lost a 2 at the next end.  Singles were gained in each of the following 2 ends but a single loss at the final end meant defeat by 5-8.  The difference in the game overall was the loss of 4 shots in the first end.  Nevertheless skip Alex considered the rink played pretty well and fought bravely till the end of the match.

The second A & A rink consisted of Alan McKinlay (skip), David Gray, John MacLeod and Bill Aiken.  On paper it looked as though they were in for a difficult time having been drawn against Stewarton Heather3 (any SH rink would be difficult opposition) and the sight of 3 young, fit and capable curlers in the opposing rink only served to underline any initial negative thoughts!  However after the opening 2 ends when we were only 1 shot adrift at 1-2 there was perhaps more belief that we could hold our own.  Quickly dispelled!  A damaging loss of 5 shots in end 3 would prove decisive.  Subsequent ends were shared equally being won with single shots but that third end was costly and the “young ones” ran out winners by 9-3.  Skip Alan’s observations were similar to those of Alex.  By and large the rink equipped themselves well and, one end apart, were certainly not disgraced.

Perhaps next year’s A &  A participants will fare better!



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