Game 3: 5 November 2018
With two wins under our belt, we knew a third would take us to the top of the section and into the semis. We played a good game against Dundonald (Jim Miller skipping) and some great shots by A&A skip Neil Beattie ensured a close game.
So much so, it went to the last stone. A&A were two behind, but were lying one with the two stones to come. Jim played an excellent guard, making it almost impossible for Neil to gain a second shot. However we knew it was crucial to win the end, and indeed that proved to be the case, with three rinks in our section all on 6 points, but A&A’s end count ensured we were top of the section.
Semi-final (and hopefully final) are both on this Thursday, 8 November.

Game 2 – 22 October
The second game of the Ross Low, found us drawn against Galston. Although not their strongest rink, Galston is always a challenge, especially skipped by Jim Boswell. Ayr & Alloway were represented by Charlie Steele, John MacLeod, Jim Nelson and Neil Beattie.
The game started evenly with singles being exchanged at the first four ends. Galston built up an advantage at the fifth end, lying three. Jim’s last stone was just a touch heavy, leaving Charlie to hit and lie for one, against a possible four.
Fired up with this success, A&A played a good next end, with John hitting and rolling against an opposition stone. Charlie’s final draw made it impossible for Jim to hit for shot, and his attempt removed one, but just failed to kill A&A’s two shots.
The final end was a case of keeping things safe, and giving a one to Galston. One more win and we are through to the semis.

Game 1 – 8 October
The Ayr and Alloway team arrived on the ice one member short. It turned out that Bella had, understandably, been slightly distracted by the presence in the house of a grandchild. Peter assured skip Geoff that she would leave immediately and she turned up in time to avoid penalties, having jumped only one red light. Charlie and John were well pleased to avoid all that solo sweeping.

She was evidently missed in the first end since we lost three shots. Another shot down after the second end. However the rink settled down after that and came to terms with keen ice that presented a huge swing on guard and draw shots but kept pretty straight on any weight above that.

Only six ends were played but we finished the final end with the score in our favour at 7:4 against a strong Ayr Curling Club team, skipped by Peter Galloway, who were playing well.
Full results and league table

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