All smiles after a peeled game

The annual match took place on 11 January 2018 with two rinks from each club. Rink A was Alex Thomson, Charlie Steele, Willie Scott and Sheila McDougall who took on The Gangrels’ rink skipped by Bob Cherry, with Ayr and Alloway traitors in the form of Ronnie Wilson, Peter Kennedy and Peter Reynolds.  A really good game, with some excellent shot-making on both sides, not least Bob’s perfectly weighted draw against five stones. Alex was in fine form and brought A&A back to peel the game.

The other game skipped by Ed Baines was not so close, with A&A losing. Earnest Mutter, The Gangrels President, thanked Ayr and Alloway for playing, noting the taking part and good curling fellowship were more important than the score. Alex Thomson readily agreed, and both said they looked forward to next year’s match.

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