The annual Cue competition was held on 13 Dec 2017, for the fine Crystal Trophy.

Six rinks competed, with all participants required to use a cue throughout. After three ends, the skip moved to lead and other players moved up. Two three-end games were played, and the rink with most shots scored was the winner. However, there was a three-way tie, so each skip had to throw an extra stone, which would be measured and removed.

The drama mounted as Charlie, inexperienced with the cue, threw his stone through the house. Neil, also not a regular cue man was short, so Eddy, well known for his skill with the cue, had an open house. He agonisingly came up 25mm short! And so to the next attempts… Charlie found his mark, ending up well inside the four-foot. Neil also was close, just slightly farther away, and the hushed crowd waited for Eddy, who came up a little short. So Charlie Steele, with Milly Beattie, Jen Tyre and Alex Thomson triumphed. A good fun night was rounded off with free drinks and snacks – courtesy of the Club. Christmas sweaters were well in evidence, along with a few funny hats.

Where’s your Christmas jumper, Alex?






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