The Ayr and Alloway rink (Geoff Barber (skip), Ronnie Wilson, Neil Beattie and Ken Gray) met a strong Dundonald rink skipped by Gemmil Jack. Having won the Championship in the past, they were out to do it again.

Basically, having the game won with a score of 7 to 4 at the end of the 6th end, our skip threw it away in the 7th and final end by a poor choice of tactics that resulted in a loss of 4 shots and with them, the game.

Up until then the team had played extremely well and by the end of the 5th and 6th ends Gemmil was looking seriously concerned. In the final end, not having the hammer and the ice being a little uncertain for striking, rather than striving to keep the head clear I decided to stick with the tactics that had served so well for the first six ends – and it all went wrong. At my last stone I was already down 4 and Gemmil had the last stone still to come. The centre of the head was well guarded, but Gemmil had left an outlier with his first stone and his shot stones were well spread in the outer ring and the six foot – a hit and roll could leave us with either a 1 shot win or at least cut their score below 3. Well we got the hit and the roll but unfortunately the hit was on too fine an edge and the stone spun through the head, missing everything on its way.

An excellent tight game with first class curling from both teams – only the result was disappointing

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