Jim Nelson and Neil Beattie report on their match against two Gangrels rinks:

Ayr and Alloway 1 team of Jim Nelson (skip), Ken Gray, Paul Williams and June Richmond, lost their match to the Gangrels team skipped by their president Ken Ross 7-2.

The match was closely contested with Ken Ross deservedly running out the winner. The final end went down to a last stone attempt to pick up a four to peel. With a Gangrels stone hidden, A&A with three shots in the house attempted a wick in to remove this stone but narrowly failed to come up trumps.

With one player missing from both rinks, Ayr & Alloway 2 (Elma Stevenson, David Gray and Neil Beattie) and Gangrels 2 ( Steell McFadzean, Jimmy Begg and Robert Boyd) decided to play triples – each playing 2 stones – over 8 ends.

The game was fast and furious with Ayr & Alloway opening the account but receiving a quick response from the Gangrels.  Some very good curling was shown by both sides in a very good natured game, but the Gangrels were ultimately victorious by 8 shots to 5.

The Gangrels ran out comfortable winners this year over the two matches.

The usual convivialities followed with greetings and thanks expressed by our President June and their President Ken.

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