The matches fall into two groups, Inter-club matches and Province and RCCC competitions.

Inter-club matches were played against the Gangrels and the Country Club. In each case two of our rinks were involved with mixed results. Both games were lost to strong Gangrels teams but the Country Club match resulted in an overall win by 3 shots resulting from one peel and one win.

Eglington Jug: a first round win against a Troon rink resulted in a second round game against Dundonald that, unfortunately, was lost.

Both the Rink Championship and the Province knock-out games were lost – to Crosshill and Fairywell respectively.

Two rinks played in the Province medal competition resulting in a loss to Troon and a win against Symington with an overall score of +3 shots. The winning Club in this competition was Sorn, with a cumulative score of +12 compared to the poorest overall score of -11. On that basis the Ayr and Alloway performance was pretty good.

Parish Trophy: a win against a Sorn rink in the first round was followed by a loss to a Galston team in the semi-final – a tough draw for Ayr and Alloway but a very pleasing first round result.

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