Ayr & Alloway CC were drawn against Crosshill CC in the Ayr Playdowns for this season’s RCCC Rinks Championship.

The Ayr & Alloway players were Charlie Steele (Skip), Neil Beattie, Maureen McVey and Alan McKinlay. Crosshill were represented by Bobby Ireland, Bert Andrew, Alex Connel and Logan Collins.

Crosshill made a start with 2 at the first but Ayr & Alloway made a single at the second end. After Crosshill made a single at the third they were lucky to get 2 at the fourth when a perfect last stone from Charlie picked up. Ayr & Alloway recovered with a single at the fifth but could not defeat the firepower of Crosshill again, and the game ended 9 – 2 in Crosshill’s favour. They then went on to meet Galston in the local final.

Unfortunately Maureen had to rush away immediately after the game and so missed a photo-oppporrtunity.

This game was played at a high level in a good spirit, enjoyed by all (pity about the result!). 20170116_193249

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