In the Province Medal,each curling club enters two teams.  The winning club is deternined by shots up for their combined scores.
Ayr & Alloway v Troon Portland
The A&A team of Jim Nelson, Alan McKinlay, Willie Scott and Alistair Tyre lost 6-8 to Troon. Having established a 4-1 lead at the 4th end some careless play ended with Troon picking up a 4 followed by a two and we were chasing the game.  We were not good enough on the day due to mistakes.

Ayr & Alloway Rink 2 V Symington

The Ayr & Alloway rink of Ronnie, Charlie, Ed and Murray enjoyed a good game against the Symington Club’s rink skipped by Jennifer Mutter.

Ayr & Alloway made an impressive start with great lead stones from Murray leaving not much for the skip to do other than guard! After the fourth end they were 8-0 up however Jennifer then managed to win the fifth end with a one.

The sixth end, despite having the final stone, was unfortunately lost by Ayr & Alloway by three points however the seventh and final end was secured with a single final draw shot by the skip giving a final score of 9-4.

The scoring for the competition is determined by cumulative shots difference of the two games played by each Club. It was announced by Andrew Kerr after the game that the Club winning the Province Medal was Sorn with the best score of +12

The worst score was apparently -11 so with the combined Ayr & Alloway rinks score of +2 this was considered, in view of the quality of the opposition, a reasonable result for the Club.

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