Ayr and Alloway were given a first round bye and then, in compensation, were drawn against Sorn in the second round. Skip Geoff together with Jim Nelson, Ronnie Wilson and Willie Scott played on 5 January against a Sorn rink consisting of two Kennedys and two Middletons, skipped by Neil Kennedy. 

Despite our entire team playing really well, things went astray for the first  three ends. Just tiny errors were punished and we lost a shot on each occasion. After that things went better and in the seventh end we managed to force Neil Kennedy to draw the four foot with  the final stone of the end. He didn’t manage to make the shot and we took a two to level the game at 5 all and force an extra end, but without the hammer.

After the first few stones, the only hope of a win was to once again force Neil to draw with his final stone and we managed to achieve that – a difficult draw around guards right into the four foot. Unfortunately Neil’s stone picked up badly and so we ended with a win, 6-5, but in a most unsatisfactory manner. That was the third pick-up of the game.

The reward for this victory is a semi-final against Galston.

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