20161219_184618What is becoming our annual pre-Christmas fun night in the shape of the Cue Competition took place on Wednesday 14 December with 24 participants.  Those with cue experience were kept apart from each other and the rest were scattered about – though no doubt Alex Thomson and Elma Stevenson who organised the format of the competition and drew the rinks will claim that much though went into the rink selection process!

The range of cue skills on display was “interesting”.  Some liked to hold the cue two-handed rather like a garden hoe; another seemed to brandish his cue after release rather like Zoro and his rapier; and others could be seen just scratching their heads!

The point is however to have fun and I think that object was achieved.  There is a trophy at stake however, the Crystal Cue Trophy donated by Elma, and so there has to be a winner and on the night that was the rink skipped by Sandy Gow along with Linda Wilson, Alan McKinlay and Bill Black.  They won every end they played and in their second game snuffed out the premature hopes of Peter Kennedy’s rink who nevertheless finished as runners up.  Unfortunately yours truly forgot his phone/camera so there is no picture of the winning rink but that will be rectified at the prizegiving in March!  Special mention should be made of the efforts made by Peter and Bella Kennedy and David Gray in their attire and headgear to invoke the Christmas spirit!

The evening concluded with some festive hospitality courtesy of the Club in the company of some of our non-playing members.  We were especially delighted to welcome honorary member Graham Boyd and wife Margaret along with past president Donald Macrae.  For those who didn’t or couldn’t play this year “give cue curling a try” next year – even if you don’t play well, you should still have fun!

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