On Tuesday 15 November two rinks from the Club enjoyed our annual inter-club fixture with The Country Club for whom there were two members with inside knowledge of the abilities of the Ayr and Alloway team, namely Ed Baines and Peter Kennedy, although equally the same could have been said of our knowledge of Ed and Peter!

Alistair Tyre along with rink members Maureen McVey, Bill Leighton and Elma Stevenson made a strong start against the Country Club rink of David Richmond (with Peter at 3rd) and appeared to be in a commanding position when leading by 10-2.  The loss of 3 shots followed swiftly by a further loss of 2 shots narrowed that gap significantly and Alistair was, one suspects, quite relieved to hear the bell before another end could be played.

The second game involved our rink skipped by Alan McKinlay aided by Jean Thomson, Linda Wilson and Sheila Campbell and the Country Club rink under Ed Baines.  This was a much closer affair with never more than a shot separating the rinks and some fine curling having been played by everyone.  Alan held a one shot advantage as they entered the final end but wsa happy to concede the last shot to Ed (losing one was much better than two!) with the result that the game ended peels at 5-5, a fitting conclusion to a very friendly but competitive match.

Overall therefore a win for Ayr and Alloway.  Afterwards members of both clubs enjoyed a very sociable supper and everyone agreed that the fixture should be continued next season.

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