Sunday 2nd October 2016 at 7.00pm

alistair1Alistair Tyre drew the short straw and was selected to skip a match that eventually turned out to be set for a Sunday at 7.00pm!  One might think that there would be enough ice available to avoid such an evidently bad time of day on a weekend – but there you go.  Not only that but then it became necessary to find a reserve –  “Sunday at 7.00 – you must be joking”. Fortunately Wallace was prepared to save the day – well done Wallace and many thanks.  Alistair’s report follows:

Yes –7.00pm on a Sunday!   Nonetheless Skip Alistair Tyre, ably supported by Ed Baines Ken Gray and Wallace Allan faced  Fairywell Skip Liam Scott, Willie Alexander, Alison Alexander and John McWhirter in a most interesting match. Despite our best efforts over 8 ends slowly but surely Fairywell gained a win of  9-3. However both the game and drinks after were held in excellent friendly fellowship. (Noted;-the rust from some players –notably the Skip!!- was evident)

Alistair Tyre  03/09/16