On the evening of Wednesday 17 February 10 members participated in the Points competition. Using two sheets of ice the players split into two groups and completed 7 of the possible 10 disciplines. The scoring may not have been of the highest order – and there were certainly some frustrated members – but it is an event which tests one’s skills and showcases all our inadequacies!  At the same time it is fun.

As defending champion Geoff led off and his skill was evident from the outset. Obviously being the organiser too did not affect his play adversely and by the end of the night he had retained the Blairston Medal with 29 points, exactly the same number as last year, with Charlie in close pursuit 2 points adrift. Final scores (duly edited!!) were as follows:

Geoff Barber               29 points

Charlie Steele             27

David Gray                  24

Alan McKinlay           23

Ronnie Wilson            23

If you want to know the scores of the other 5 players you will have to ask them direct – or bribe the Match Secretary!

It was good to see Elma Stevenson playing points once again – and evidently enjoying it. She was one of only 5 people to score points at the “wick and curl in” discipline (which is very difficult) and one of only three to score a top mark of 2 points for it – notable for the cheer that went up when she did it! The winner even confessed to failing miserably at this discipline on both sheets! It was also a pleasure to see the evergreen and enthusiastic Wallace Allan taking part and whilst he was somewhat unhappy with his performance both he and Elma deserve special praise for participating. Hopefully next year more members will follow their example and give this competition a try.

In addition to thanking Geoff for his organisation of the competition we should also thank the two scorers, Jim Nelson and Alex Thomson. Perhaps the experience will have encouraged them to participate next year – or not!

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