Details of the matches and competition results have been reported on the club website. This report seeks only to provide a clearer view of the overall performance than can be easily gained from reading the website reports.

In rink selection certain constraints were followed :

1. that all club members who wish to take part should play at least one game;

2. that weaker players should be found roles in inter-club games where the competition is generally less extreme than in wider competition;

3. that our stronger players should not be asked to compete in an unreasonable number of games.

Of our 12 current skips, 11 offered to play in competitions. These were all asked to play in either 3 or 4 games in total, except for one of the 11 who had wished to restrict her games but was prevailed upon to take part in 2.  Club members are quite selective about the particular matches and particular competitions in which they are prepared to play and so selection of rinks, especially for the competitions is far from straightforward.

Overall the club rinks performed well in inter-club matches but quite poorly against much stronger opposition in the more serious competitions where we often find our rinks seriously outgunned.

Opening Bonspiel: v Dundonald loss 6 – 7

Eglinton jug:

Opening round: 1 win 14 -1, 1 loss 5 – 7

Round 2: v Dalry Union loss 5-4

Inter-Club matches:

Country Club – 2 wins combined score: 23 – 9

Auchincruive – 1 win, 1 peal combined score of 18 – 9

Gangrels – 2 wins combined score: 14 – 10

Overall – 5 wins, 1 peal.


Province KO – 2 losses, 6 – 7 and 5 -10

Ross Low Trophy – 1 peal and 2 losses

Waldie Griffiths – unable to field a rink

Rink Championship – round 1 – win, round 2 – loss, 3 – 11

Parish Trophy – loss 3 – 11

Province Medal – 2 losses, 6 – 7 and 5 – 10

Overall – 8 losses, 1 peal and 1 win

Indoor Grand Match:  (i) at Perth v Muthill win, 9 – 3

(ii)at Ayr v Abercorn win , 8 – 3

Pairs competition: once again only 4 pairs competed:

Charlie Steel & Peter Reynolds

David Gray and Paul Willams

Alan Richmond and Murray Hutchison

Geoff Barber and Elma Stevenson

The games were keenly competed and very enjoyable. In a well contested final Charlie and Peter triumphed over David and Paul.

Points competition: 10 members took part and played 7 disciplines. Winner Geoff Barber (29 points), runner-up Charlie Steele (27 points).

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