Two Ayr and Alloway Rinks played against the Gangrels in their annual inter-club match on Thursday 11 February. The A & A skips were David Gray and John MacLeod.  David writes as follows:

Whilst I have played in this fixture several times before I have always played for the Gangrels, my mother club, so it was a new experience to be skipping an Ayr and Alloway team, consisting of Alan McKinlay, Pat Macleod and Lynne Bowman.

My trepidation increased when I saw the strength of both Gangrels teams. I will let John MacLeod the other A&ACC skip tell his own story. Our opposition was skipped by their current President Francis McCrossan, assisted by a team of Robert Boyd, Bob Cherry and Jim Loch. When we lost a four at the first end I thought we were in for an uncomfortable if not embarrassing night. However I am pleased to report that we responded by winning the next two ends to draw level. We then managed to continue the momentum by also winning the following two ends and although the last two ends were shared we were able to secure an overall win by 7 shots to 5. A most enjoyable game and very satisfying to win! Well done team.

John has reported thus:  The A&A Rink of John MacLeod (skip), Rigmor McAndrew, Alan McHarg and Elma Stevenson met the Gangrels team of Bob Charters (skip), Ronnie Peat, Peter Galloway and Ken Ross. The Gangrels made a good start with a 2 at the first end. In the second end we got 4 shots followed by a single in the next end. The Gangrels fought their way back by taking single shots at the next three ends to equal the score at 5 shots each. In the final end we managed to get 2 shots to win what was a very close and enjoyable match. The final score was 7 shots to 5 shots for Ayr and Alloway, a similar result to that achieved by David. Our team played very well against a good Gangrels side.

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