2015/16 Knock-out


The finals were played on 11 Nov 2015.

High Road

David Scott's rink won the Knockout in 2015/15

David Scott’s rink won the Knockout in 2015/16

Bill, Marion, Sandy, David & Ed

David Scott was in fine form, playing against Linda Wilson.  David’s rink of Bill Aitken (third), Marion Allan subbing for Sandy Gow (second) and Ed Baines (lead) were too strong for Linda.  Apart from the opening end David gained the advantage at every other end making it extremely difficult for Linda  when it came to her turn to deliver her stones.  At the close it meant a comfortable win for David by 9 shots to 1.





Low Road

Low road winners 2015/16

Low road winners 2015/16

John, Muir, Peter

This game was also a bit one-sided with Peter Christy maintaining his improved form this season, delivering some excellent skip’s stones when it mattered, leaving Sheila Campbell wondering just what she could do.  The answer apart from the first end (just like Linda) was really nothing and Peter ran out an easy winner by 12 shots to 1.   Peter’s rink was made up of  Muir Austin (third), John Wylie (second) and John Macleod (lead).






Winning The Rozelle Saucer is a dubious honour, as it is played between the bottom two rinks from the League stages.  Nevertheless, the first 5 ends of this game were closely fought but Camille showed tenacity in winning the last 2 ends each by 3 shots to end up victorious by a comfortable margin of 11 shots to 5 over Rigmor McAndrew’s rink, skipped in her absence by Peter Kennedy.  The winning rink comprised Camille Macdonald (skip), Alex Eccles (third), Bill Black (second) and Carol,Simpson (lead).

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