2014/15 Knock-out



Two great finals took place on 12 November 2014 and were a pleasure to watch, as the Knock-out competition was drawn to a close.

High Road

p1010030In the High Road, Scott McAndrew led his rink of Alan Chapman, Anne Cooper and Ronnie Wilson to a great win over Linda Wilson’s rink of Shirley Scott, Wallace Allan and Neil Beattie. In a high quality game Linda got off to a flyer with 3 at the first end, but Scott hit back immediately to level the scores, before taking a two shot lead at the next. Ronnie’s excellent performance as lead spurred Linda to some fine shot-making to level the scores at 5 all. However Alan Chapman played a telling stone at the penultimate end and Scott matched his third’s skills to clinch a two. Although Linda almost pulled off a raised takeout at the last end, on the swinging inturn ice, the stone just drew too much and Scott gained another shot to win 8 – 5.

Low Road


In the Low Road, fortunes swung back and forth. Willie Scott deputising for skip Alex Eccles led his rink of June Richmond, Jane Cherry and Alex Thomson to an early lead with a 4 in the first end.  Skip Alan Richmond was ably assisted by cue-expert Elma Stevenson, reliable Anne Paterson and super-sweeper John Macleod. Alan stuck to his task with three singles and a two to take a one shot lead, then Willie struck back with his second four of the night! You would have thought a three shot lead would be comfortable, but Alan was in no mood to give the bragging rights to his wife, and he calmly drew his last stone into the house for four, and a single shot victory, by 9 shots to 8.

In the Rozelle Saucer, secretary Alan was not required to bring out his rink, as Camille conceded the match a few days earlier.

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