Cue winners 2015Wednesday 16 December saw the third playing of this fun competition with the prize for the winning rink the beautiful crystal trophy donated by Elma Stevenson.  On the night 24 members participated, some regular exponents of the cue – and therefore supposedly proficient!! – and others for whom this was their first, but perhaps not last, attempt with it.

Play, as organised by Alex Thomson, was in one 3 end game and one 4 end game with the rink with the highest shots scored being deemed the winner.  By and large the rinks followed Alex’s instructions and after much fun, some entertaining shots, some exquisite ones and some, from both novices and the experienced, of which the least said the better, a clear winner emerged.  The rink skipped by Ed Baines with Charlie Steele at 3rd, Shirley Scott at 2nd and Helen Christie at lead finished with a shots total of 9, a winning margin of 2 shots over Sandy Gow’s rink of David Gray, Muir Austin and Lynne Bowman.  As last year’s winner Sandy did at least come very close to repeating his previous success!

By all accounts everyone enjoyed the competition as did the spectators!  After the game the participants enjoyed some festive fare (and drink) courtesy of the Club and hopefully we shall have more members competing next year – even if the additional food will cost the Club more!  An interested spectator was our honorary member Graham Boyd along with wife Margaret and it was delightful to have Graham back in our midst even if it wasn’t on the ice.  It was also pleasing to see Jean Austin with us again after recent surgery and we look forward to Jean back playing with us.

Cue winners 2015The  winning rink with President Ronnie and honorary member Graham.  Ed’s Santa hat obviously made all the difference!

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