20151209_190945[1]8 members registered for the pairs competition this year – a disappointingly low number, but sufficient for 4 pairs to compete.  The competition took the form of a round robin of three games followed by a final.  With the exception of the final, which was 5 ends or the bell, each game was allowed one hour and only the results from completed ends were considered.  The players each delivered three stones per end.

The competition took place on Thursday, 3 December and Wednesday, 9 December.

Results were based on points, followed by shots up, followed by total shots and, if necessary, by the skips drawing a single stone to the head.

The pairs were:

Charlie Steele and Peter Reynolds

David Gray and Paul Williams

Alan Richmond and Murray Hutchison

Geoff Barber and Elma Stevenson (unfortunately John Wyllie had suffered a damaged rib and so Geoff acted as a reserve).

Charlie and Peter played extemely well in the round robin games and entered the final with 6 points having beaten all comers.  The other pairs all had very mixed fortunes in these games and ended with 2 points each, David and Paul progressed to the final on the basis of achieving +2 shots up, the other pairs having no wish to publish their scores!

20151209_190945[1]In an exciting final (except for David and Paul), Charlie and Peter triumphed, scoring 4 shots to nil and so ended the pairs having convincingly won every game they played – worthy winners indeed.  They are seen being congratulated by President Ronnie.


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