Rink 1 – John Macleod ( skipped for Peter Kennedy ) Maureen McVey 3rd,Peter Christy 2nd and John Beaton lead.   Auchincruive turned up with only 3 players but had a very good start by taking 3 shots in the first end.   In the 2nd end we got 2 shots back to reduce the deficit.   Auchincruive fought back and gained a single shot in the 3rd end to regain a 3 shot advantage.   However, Ayr & Alloway took the next 4 ends bringing the final score of 13 to 4.   Our team played very well on keen ice and no lucky rubs for the Auchincruive rink.

Rink 2 for Ayr & Alloway was Neil B (Skip), Linda W, Alan McH and Pat McLeod.   The opposition was Malcolm Smith (Skip), Michael Hitchon, Kevin McIsaac and John Tweddle.  Ayr & Alloway made a good start with a 3 at the first end but Auchincruive crept back in 1’s thanks to some brilliant drawing by Malcolm to level the game after 4 ends.   Ayr & Alloway built up two big ends then but Malcolm cut them back to singles.   The last end saw Ayr & Alloway defending a single stone in the head to deprive Auchincruive of a big end, giving them only a 2 so the game ended as a peal at 5 shots each.

In a convivial get together afterwards the latest Past President, Linda, spoke of the enjoyable evening and thanked Auchincruive for their warm friendship.   Malcolm congratulated Ayr & Alloway for their win and thanked them for the excellent match.

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