Rinks Championship 2015 – Ayr Playdowns

First Round, 5th November 2015

Ayr & Alloway CC were drawn against Dalmellington Craigengillan CC in the first round of the Ayr Playdowns for this season’s RCCC Rinks Championship.

The Ayr & Alloway players were Neil Beattie (Skip), Alan Richmond, Geoff Barber and David Scott.  Dalmellington were represented by Ian Alexander (Skip), John MacLeod, Sandy Frew and Michael Carruthers.

Dalmellington laid down the gauntlet, stealing a single at the first end after Ayr & Alloway missed a strike on the excellent fast, swingy ice.   Ayr & Alloway then responded with a single from a last stone strike at the second end, and then blocking out Dalmellington to steal a single at the third end.   Dalmellington then drew a single at the fourth to peal the game after four ends.   Ayr & Alloway then took a single at the fifth and were fortunate to steal a two at the sixth when a Dalmellington strike just missed and all our subsequent guards kept our shots protected.   Almost perfect striking by all our players in the seventh then kept the head clear till Dalmellington simply ran out of granite and shook hands with the last stones unplayed and Ayr & Alloway lying two.

Good drawing and striking by both teams ensured that it would be a tight result from the start, and the 7 – 2 result doesn’t reflect the closeness of a game that was played in a most friendly, sporting manner.   The usual convivialities followed.

Submitted by Neil Beattie

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