As most members will know by now the semi finals of this competition were played last Wednesday when your correspondent was on holiday – a welcome break from the rigours of Ayr & Alloway secretarial duties!

In the High Road David Scott maintained his impressive form to outclass Ken Gray by 10-1.  I am told that the least said, the better!  Despite suffering a bad fall on the ice that night, which obviously didn’t upset his rink, I understand that Sandy Gow is well on the mend and hopeful of playing his part in this week’s final.  The other semi final which was contested by Linda Wilson and Maureen McVey saw Linda victorious by 7-4.

The Low Road semi finals saw Peter Christy defeat Scott McAndrew by 8-1 and Jan Barber’s rink (with Sheila Campbell again assuming the skipping duties) overcome Jean Thomson (for whom husband Alex deputised) by 7-2.

The Rozelle Saucer semi finalists were Rigmor McAndrew, Peter Kennedy, Camille Macdonald and Alan Richmond.  Progressing to the final are Camille after a resounding win over Alan and Rigmor who required a toss of the coin to eliminate Peter!

And so to the finals, this Wednesday 11 November at 7.15pm.  In the High Road David plays Linda; the Low Road sees Jan’s rink taking on Peter Christy; and the Rozelle Saucer will be contested by Camille and Rigmor.  Good luck to all contestants and to those who have a night off your support and presence will be much appreciated.

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