Inter Club v The Country Club

Past President Peter Kennedy reports as follows on our annual match with The Country Club which took place on Tuesday 17 November: Bella’s rink, consisting of Lynne Bowman, Peter Christy and David Gray were having a tough game and it was not until the 4th end that...

Pairs Competition

Members are asked to note the revised dates for this competition.  It will now be run over 2 nights only, Thursday 3 Dec and Wednesday 9 Dec 2015. Both at 5pm.

Knockout Competition Winners

The finals were contested on 11 Nov 2015 with the winning rinks being: High Road: David Scott Low Road: Peter Christy Saucer: Camille Macdonald Full details on Knockout page

Knockout Competition

As most members will know by now the semi finals of this competition were played last Wednesday when your correspondent was on holiday – a welcome break from the rigours of Ayr & Alloway secretarial duties! In the High Road David Scott maintained his...

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