Another very successful evening at the Abbotsford Hotel Ayr on 11 March 2015. Prizes were awarded as follows:


Winers: Jim Nelson

League Winners:
Jim Nelson, Alan Richmond, David Scott, Jean Austin
League Runners-up
Charlie Steele, Jean Thomson, Alan Chapman, Sandy Gow
League Third
Geoff Barber, Ed Baines, Anne Carruthers, Lynn Bowman
League Fourth
David Gray, Scott McAndrew, Pat Gibson, Harry Peters

Winners: Scott McAndrew

Winners: Scott McAndrew

High Road Winners:
Scott McAndrew, Alan Chapman, Anne Cooper, Ronnie Wilson
High Road Runners-up:
Linda Wilson, Shirley Scott, Wallace Allan, Neil Beattie
Low Road Winners:
Alan Richmond, Elma Stevenson, Anne Paterson, John Macleod.
Low Road Runners-up:
Willie Scott, June Richmond, Jane Cherry, Alex Thomson
Rozelle Saucer:
Alan McKinlay, Sheila Campbell, Helen Christie, Jim Nelson

Pairs WinnersL David and Elma

Pairs Winners: David and Elma

David Gray and Elma Stevenson

Geoff Barber

Crystal Cue:
Sandy Gow, Neil Beattie, Alan Richmond, Sheila Campbell


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