The Waldie Griffiths is an RCCC competition between all of the Scottish Curling Provinces. The winner is the Province with the greatest score of “shots up”.

This year the Ayrshire Province was drawn to play against Midlothian at the Murrayfield ice rink, a very nice facility immediately adjacent to Murrayfield stadium.

Within the Ayrshire Province, clubs affiliated to RCCC can bid to take part in the Waldie Griffiths. In 2015 only 4 rinks were required and those selected were: Troon Portland, Galston, Crosshill and Ayr and Alloway. The Gangrels were unsuccessful in the draw but will be given priority next year.

On the day Ayr and Alloway were drawn against Carrington ( a club based upon a tiny village outside Edinburgh but whose players, all but one, reside not in Carrington but in Edinburgh).

The rink was: Geoff Barber (skip), Charlie Steele (third), John Wyllie (second) and Jan Barber (lead). Skip Geoff reports:

Jan’s face took on a look of concern when, just before the game, we met an extremely fit, athletic, enthusiastic young man who turned out not only to be the opposing third, but also the ice man. He was back on the ice again immediately after our game, still looking enthusiastic, having prepared the ice and sold Jan a kipper.

There were two very good points about the game that I should mention – our opposition were all very nice people and they were all very good curlers. They did miss the occasional shot – perhaps three or four in the whole game. Unfortunately, apart from their characters, the same cannot be said for our team members who all, led from the front by the skip, who had a terrible game, played well below their usual standards. It was just one of those days. There is little point in a blow by blow account of the ends but the game is nicely summarised by the final end which we entered trailing 7 – 1. By the time came for their third’s second stone, we had a shot stone lying guarded, except for a port on the centre line only slightly wider that a curling stone – a rare event in the game, for us to have a shot stone! His strike was delivered brilliantly though the port, took out our shot stone and then rattled around the other stones in the head, removing a number of their stones and leaving us with another stone lying shot and the possibility of a decent final score in the end. After three of the skips stones I was left with a very straight forward heavy draw to tap back an opposition stone to lie 2. A perfect weight stone payed slightly inside the brush – consistent on the day – tapped up an opposition guard to give them another two points. Thank goodness the bell had gone!

Later – in the bar. The overall score on the day left Midlothian 2 shots up. Not sufficient to put them in with any chance of winning the Waldie Griffiths overall. The other Ayrshire teams had mixed fortunes but our very poor performance was offset by an equally big win by the Galston team, thank goodness.

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