Charlie has already reported on his rink’s splendid performance in the Province Medal but for this competition each club enters two rinks and it is the combined score of both rinks which determines the overall result of the competition. The other A & A team ,which took to the ice first at 3.45pm, comprising Ken Gray, Ed Baines, Alan McKinlay and Alex Thomson (skip) was drawn to play against the Gangrels team of Jim Niblock, Peter Galloway, Robert Boyd and Ronnie Peat (skip).

A & A did not get off to the best of starts by losing 2 shots at the first end. However, they bounced back by taking 2 at the second end and followed that with another 2 at the third end. At the fourth end A & A were lying shot with Gangrels playing the last stone with which Ronnie Peat played an excellent draw to score 1. A & A had settled into a degree of consistency in their game and appeared to be in control at this stage. However, Gangrels clawed another shot back at end 5 to level the game. Ken, Ed and Alan all played text book shots at the 6th leaving skip Alex a relatively simple shot to score 1 to take a lead of one shot going into the last end against the hammer. The Gangrels team went into attack mode at the last end and by the time skips stones had to be played, Gangrels were lying 4 shots to the good. Alex missed his draw with his first stone and Ronnie Peat covered with another excellent guard. A & A had only one option and that was to draw for 2nd shot and leave Gangrels to draw another shot to win. Skip Alex made his draw for second shot but Ronnie Peat failed to make another shot and so the game ended as a draw.

It was a first class game of curling played in a very sporting manner and Alex was well supported by Ken, Ed and Alan who were excellent representatives for A & A Curling Club. The scene was then left to Charlie to produce a memorable win over Galston but unfortunately A & A’s combined shot differential of +3 was not good enough to win the trophy, which honour went to another of our members, John MacLeod – but in his capacity as a member of Dalmellington!! We can but bask in his reflected glory!

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