The second playing of this competition took place on the evening of Thursday 11 December with 23 members participating (there having been one call-off due to illness).  As was the case last year everyone who took part enjoyed the challenge of using the cue, some with more obvious success than others!

Play was 2 x 3 end games with the team scoring the highest number of shots being declared the winner and the skip who was smiling most at the end of play was Sandy Gow, ably assisted by Neil Beattie, Alan Richmond and Sheila Campbell, with a score of 7 shots.  Runner up, on 6 shots, was the rink skipped by Wallace Allan and comprising Ronnie Wilson, Elma Stevenson and Helen Christie.  Perhaps next year Elma will improve that place and thereby get the opportunity to hold her own splendid trophy!

The evening concluded with some festive fare and liquid refreshment courtesy of the Club and the customary socialising for which our Club is well known.  This competition has proved to be a most enjoyable and fun event with its pre-Christmas timing perfect for its light hearted nature and hopefully next year we can look forward to an increase in the numbers taking part.

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