Skip Alex reports on a very good match:

The Ayr and Alloway team of Shirley Scott, Jan Barber, Ed Baines and Alex Thomson were drawn against a Gangrels team of Jim Hendry, Robert Boyd, Ken Ross and Peter Galloway. It was a close encounter for the first couple of ends with single shots being taken by both teams. At the third end Ayr and Alloway picked up a 3 and were always in the driving seat thereafter. Our front end of Shirley and Jan played exceptionally well which made things much easier for Ed and skip Alex to finish off the job, not without one or two frights. We took single shots at the 4th, 5th and 6th ends with Gangrels taking a single at the 7th end making the overall result in favour of Ayr and Alloway by 7 – 2. A very good team effort which was greatly appreciated by skip Alex.

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