The pairs competition was fought out during November by four pairs in a round robin followed by a final between the leading two pairs.   However the final game between the third and fourth teams was a grudge match and that added huge interest.

As ever in pairs it is essential to complete the first game of the evening timeously to prevent limiting the time available for the second.  Your match secretary had arranged for 5-end games with each player delivering three stones and the game must be completed before the end of the hour – if not the uncompleted end is void and the game is scored on the four completed ends.

In the first game (Alex and Sheila v Alan and David), Alan was leading by one point at the end of the fourth end.  In the fifth end Alex was way ahead and had an evident easy win overall – but they had been playing very slowly – fifth end void and a disgruntled Alex!

Alan and David went on to win the second game against David Gray and Elma – and after two games was the only rink with four points.  However in the third and final game of the round robin, despite leading Ronnie and Scott by a point after the fourth end, they managed to lose a three in the fifth and so were doomed to play with the “also rans” in the final game, Ronnie and Scott having made it to a final against David and Elma on shots up.

In an exciting final David Gray and Elma beat Ronnie and Scott by 5:2 and so triumphed in what had been a very enjoyable competition – except for the ending of that first round game between Alex and Alan!  Now Alex had an opportunity to show just how it should have been – and he did – big time.  Suffice it to say that a score card was  not produced and thankfully the match secretary is becoming forgetful these days and so the final score will remain a mystery.

Congratulations to David and Elma on their win and to all who took part.


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