Ross Low 2

Skip Alex reports on a very good match: The Ayr and Alloway team of Shirley Scott, Jan Barber, Ed Baines and Alex Thomson were drawn against a Gangrels team of Jim Hendry, Robert Boyd, Ken Ross and Peter Galloway. It was a close encounter for the first couple of ends...

Inter-club Match against the Country Club

Peter and Bella, members also of the Country Club, skipped out two rinks.  Our President, Peter, reports: We had a very enjoyable evening made even better by having a meal afterwards. The results for the husband and wife team of skips could not have been more...

Scott McAndrew triumphs in Knockout

Scott’s rink look well pleased with their High Road victory, beating Linda Wilson’s rink 8 shots to 5 in a high quality final. Read the full report and final standing on Knockout page

Pairs Competition

The pairs competition was fought out during November by four pairs in a round robin followed by a final between the leading two pairs.   However the final game between the third and fourth teams was a grudge match and that added huge interest. As ever in pairs it is...

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