Skip David Gray reports:

When my team of Neil Beattie, John McLeod and Ken Gray saw we were drawn against Dave Mundell and his Stewarton Heather team, we decided to go out and give it our best and enjoy ourselves.

Whilst we were beaten 8 shots to 2, over 8 ends….6 of the ends were decided by a single shot and  the game closer than the score suggests. We all played well and thoroughly enjoyed playing at the higher standard this competition demands…there were many accurate shots played by both teams.

Stewarton Heather have won this Jug several times recently as well as being overall winners in the Super league. Individually  they are excellent players, but they operate well as a team, especially when sweeping and working a stone…something to aim for!

Also worth noting that whilst we conceded after 8 ends in the usual curling session, we comfortably, would have had time to play a ninth end if the score had been closer.

Thanks team for your support.

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