Neil Beattie reports:

High noon on 1st October saw a brave rink from Ayr & Alloway Curling Club facing the mightiest thunder that Dundonald Curling Club could muster in the first round of the Ross Lowe Competition.

Ayr and Alloway drew the first blood with a 1 at the first end but Dundonald responded with a 4 at the next. Every other end was a single in a keenly fought game. Twice the Dundonald skip rescued Dundonald from a big end that could have swung the game but the game ended in a victory to Dundonald by 8 shots to 2.

Ayr and Alloway were represented by Geoff Barber, Willie Scott, Alan Mckinlay and Neil Beattie (Skip); Dundonald were Jim McGeoch, Andrew Kerr, Robert Wilson and Jim Miller (Skip).


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