At the Opening Day Bonspiel of the Ice Rink on 22 September the Club was represented by Ronnie & Linda Wilson and Geoff & Jan Barber.  Ronnie reports as follows:

You may be pleased to hear that Ayr & Alloway won their match against Darvel 9:2 – Darvel playing with three and skipped by Mark Meehan.  The scoring system for the day meant we did not receive any additional points which meant that Gangrels were the winners of our evening session.  It was a good humoured game with some luck on our part but also some start of season moves in need of improvement!

At the meal afterwards (retiring ice man for 34 years) Charlie Otterson was presented with a gift from the PLC and also from ACC.  [Ayr and Alloway also contributed to Charlie’s retiral presentation.]


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