Our rink consisted of John MacLeod as 3rd,  Bella Kennedy as 2nd, Shirley Scott as lead and President Peter as Skip. They played against Ronnie Peat ( Gangrels President), Ken Ross, Peter Galloway and Jenifer Mutter on rink 1 where the ice was rather odd – it looked fast but was slow and the draw varied through the game which Peter thought helped our game as he was reading the ice well!

We started with a 2 and they had a 2 at the second end. We then had 3 ones before they managed a one and we ended with a 2 , thus leaving us the winners by 7 to 3. On paper a surprising result, but we all played quite well especially Shirley and Bella.

The Bonspiel was won by – wait for it – the Disnae Club! We were about the middle. We had an excellent Dinner and good speeches which did not go on too long and a couple of Jimmy Begg’s poems.