Cue Competition is a great success!

The winners: Peter Christy, Graham Boyd, Willie Scott, Neil Beattie

The winners: Peter Christy, Graham Boyd, Willie Scott, Neil Beattie

The handsome cut crystal trophy, kindly donated by Elma Stevenson, is proudly held by skip Graham Boyd, after amassing a creditable 12 shots from 6 ends.

Elma spoke of her affection for Ayr and Alloway Curling Club, and as she had never held high office in the club, she felt it appropriate to donate a trophy for annual competition. Graham thanked Elma and said he was proud (and perhaps a little lucky) to have won.

Everyone had to use a cue to deliver the stones, and some took to this more easily than others. However, it was a fun night and will now form part of the curling fixtures, although next year it will be held on a Wednesday if possible.

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