Round 2    A&A 1 with Skip John McLeod,Alan McKinlay, Carol Simpson and Willie Scott played Kilmarnock Townend skipped by John Evans. An evenly balanced game at the fourth end unfortunately  turned into 3 behind going into the 8th end. Undaunted John and his rink fought back to force a measure which could have given them 3 shots get a peel. Sadly it proved to be 2 shots only  Result Kilmarnock Townend  -7    A&A- 6.  But well played A&A Rink!!!

A&A 2 Skip Ed Baines, Alistair Tyre, Ken Gray and Paul Williams had a bye in Round 1 and faced Stair, in Round 2,skipped by Keith Martin. Both rinks played a tight game with Stair looking as though they would lose 2 or more shots in two ends. However Keith’s final stone managed some non nominated results!!! So peels at 7th end but at 8th end  A&A  got a 4!!               Result A&A  8  Stair 4   Onward and upward.!!!!

Round 3 Stewarton Heather1   The Reid familyand previous winners. and this years finalists!! We started by winning ends 1 & 2 then the  big guns struck back!!.Despite all of us raising our game for the occasion we were outclassed–not by much— but enough to let Stewarton run out as winners by 8 shots to 2. No easy ride for them and missing several opportunities meant we never looked like winning.                                                                Great curling experience for both rinks and good friendship all round.                               Next year the target  for both our entries is ——the Quarter Finals — OK!

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