Two rinks travelled to Hamilton Ice Rink to play Lanark Curling Club. This was a return match after 2012 President, Charlie Steele, invited his original club to play at Ayr.

Needless to say there was considerable rivalry, as Charlie’s brother, Tom, was skipping one of the rinks. The brothers had not competed against each other since 1982, and Tom got off to a fine start with a single at each of the first 3 ends. Charlie struck back with 2 singles, and going into the last end was 1 shot behind. He managed to draw his stone behind the guards, and although Tom had a possible raised takeout with his last stone, nerves overcame him, and he was slightly tight. The final score of 4 -4 was judged to be a fair result by all players. Charlie’s rink of Alan McKinlay, Linda Wilson and Hazel Steele all played very well, quickly getting the speed of the keen ice.

The other match was less of a contest with Alex Thomson, Geoff Barber, Jan Barber and Jean Thomson, failing to read the tricky Sheet 1 ice, and going down to Bob Thomson’s strong rink by  9 -4, who all played particularly well.

A fine meal was rounded off with stories and jokes and a desire to repeat this fixture next year.

Lanark rinks were:

Tom Steele, Brian Stevenson, Alistair McIntosh and Jane Morton
Bob Thomson, Martin Yuill, Bill Tennant, Anne Hood


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