AYR & ALLOWAY v TROON PORTLAND CURLING CLUB  (report by President Shirley Scott)

On Friday 22nd February two teams played against Troon Portland.  John Macleod, Skip, with Maureen McVey, Wallace Allan and John Beaton with the second team being Geoff. Barber, Skip, Carol Simpson, Shirley Scott and Paul Williams and they met two strong teams from Troon with E. Marr playing against John and Kirsty Letton against Geoff.

Both games were played in the true spirit of the game.  There was a lot of fun and a lot of excitement.  John’s team had a very close game with it being peels at the 7th end and in the 8th being beaten by one shot, making it 8-7.  Geoff’s team drew ahead with a 4 and then a 3 but TP caught up.  A & A however just stayed ahead and won the game 8 – 7.

The visiting teams said how much they had enjoyed the evening; indeed there was good ice, good playing and two very close games, what more could one want.

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