Following the disappointment of cancelling our Pairs competition planned for November 2012 due lack of numbers, it was decided to try to rearrange the event as soon as feasible. It turned out that Kyle and Carrick CC were in the same situation in February so John Wylie, their Secretary and our Match Secretary  agreed to try a joint event. Their view was that the Clubs should not allow a year to pass–which could mean that the future of Club Pairs would be threatened.

The competition was held on Sunday 3rd February with both Clubs having 4 pairs thus fully using the ice booking required. A&A played their 3 matches with  an all husband and wife partnership for each pair!! Yes, they were all still speaking and smiling(allegedly!) at the end when Alex and Jean Thomson succeeded in winning  by gaining 6points from the 3 games.Good fellowship with Kyle and Carrick was an added bonus –and thanks to John Wylie for his help in arranging cheap ice for the day!

Next year we hope that there will at least SIXTEEN names put forward—and perhaps the Committee should look at different ways in selecting/drawing partners.

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